Creative Agencies That Claim To Be Affordable

How often have you consulted with a Creative Agency, spent time, money, and effort to communicate your requirements, only to be slapped with a quote that makes you gag?

You would think that by 2019, digital marketing and brand development would be straight forward and care free. After all, there is no shortage of talent and technological capabilities. Unfortunately, you would only need to spend 15 minutes trying to find a developer, graphic designer, SEO specialist or a Creative Agency to realize how convoluted and shifty the process has become.

The web is littered with hundreds of thousands of agencies, freelancers, and small businesses, each claiming to be specialists, using meaningless jargon, and trying whichever way possible to get you signed up to their so called "affordable services".

What Exactly is Considered Affordable?

Well, it really depends on who you ask. A business raking in millions of dollars a year would find an SEO project costing $100,000 affordable. Jenny from the pizza joint won't. Okay, it's relative, but that doesn't stop these Creative Agencies from using the word nonchalantly. Poor Jenny doesn't know any better.

More often than not, you will hear Creative Agencies say "well we don't know how much it will cost you because every business is different". Which is fair to say, however our experience in the market tells us it's not as much of an altruistic approach as you'd think it is.

Comical Inconsistencies

"Nonsense!", You may proclaim. Fine. A week ago, from the time this article was written, we contacted several Australian Creative Agencies to figure out how "affordable" they were. We called them multiple times pretending to be potential customers. Suffice to say, the inconsistencies and level of wordplay were nothing short of astonishing.

To them, a project costs as much as its worth to you and not how much it actually costs.

From wildly differing quotes to technically similar projects, to spurious (and irrelevant) jargon thrown left right & center, all the way to questionable acts of redirection trying to find someone to throw an arbitrary number at us. Alas, to them, a project costs as much as its worth to you and not how much it actually costs. Their "free consultations" are less about figuring out what you want, and more about figuring out how much they should charge you. And by that we mean identifying the scale, rapor, urgency, necessity, etc - parameters that tell them how far they can push their numbers.

Don't believe us? Don't take our word for it. Call every Creative Agency you can yourself, preferably with friends and family and fish for inconsistencies, you'll have a blast! We make a day out of it every now and again.

With that said, it's important to note that not all Creative Agencies lack quality and overcharge for mediocore results. However with how saturated the market is, it is almost impossible to tell the difference for any layperson. At Set My Brand Up, we start with fixed prices based on basic foundational costs and increment the price with installments for additional work you ask for. This way, you get the biggest bang for your buck and you know EXACTLY what you're paying for all the way through; no guesswork and far feteched estimations involved. Regardless of who you are, how desperate you are, how little you know about this field of work, you can rest assured knowing you are not being taken advantage of.

For elaboration on anything covered in this blog post, feel free to contact us! We're conversational just as much as we are creative!

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